Nursing Home Abuse

Our attorneys at De La Heria Law are experience nursing home abuse cases. Nursing homes or their employees can be liable for damages if they have acted in a negligent manner.

A nursing home abuse claim can be filed if:

  • The nursing home does hires employees who are not adequately qualified for the job or employee training is insufficient.
  • A proper background check is not performed.
  • A proper staff to resident ratio is inadequate.
  • The rights of the nursing home resident are violated.
  • Medication doses or types are not properly administered.
  • Physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse occurs.
  • The patients caretakers neglect or do not adequately take proper care; including person hygiene, nutrition, medical treatment, safety, and sanitary living conditions

Unfortunately the indicators or nursing home can be ignored. It is important to recognize the symptoms of mistreatment and take action to ensure this stops happening.

Common warning signs of abuse can include:

  • Bedsores
  • Physical discomfort
  • Being introverted and quiet around caretakers
  • Unusual bruises or bleeding
  • Unexplained medical problems
  • Changes in the person’s will or power of attorney

If you have a loved one seriously injured while in the care of a nursing home, contact De La Heria Law for a free consultation about your case (305) 858-2808.

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